Thursday, April 4, 2019

Canadian Passport Photos

If you're a Canadian citizen living in the US and need to update your Canadian passport, you're going to need two images to submit with your paperwork. Those images need to be 50x70mm, not 2x2 inch. Most drug stores and auto clubs can only provide 2x2" passport photos. A 50x70mm image is approximately 2x2.75". You can't cut a 2.75" image out of a 2" image, no matter what college your parents cheated you into. Therefore, you MUST go to a qualified professional photographer who can custom create your Canadian passport photos.

Newsome's Studio of Photography has been successfully creating 50x70mm images for Canadians for years, and have done so without the aid of wealthy parents or greedy college coaches.

Give us a call at 813-968-2810 to set up your appointment today. 

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