Thursday, February 15, 2018

US Passport Photo Rules

For the first time in over 30 years, I had a US Passport photo rejected. REJECTED! If DRUG STORE photos can pass, why can't WE?

Well, turns out, it wasn't the US Passport Office that rejected it, it was a postal worker at the post office. Seems she interprets the rules differently than the US Passport Office, and when she saw the image being submitted, claimed it wasn't going to pass and insisted on taking a new one (which, of course, she charged them for).

She rejected it on the grounds that the child's HAIR exceeded beyond the top of the photo. Why yes, yes it did... because the child's HAIRDO was piled extraordinarily HIGH... like, almost a foot higher than his SKULL!

The standard by which every country on the planet (including the US) adheres to, is that the "HEAD" size fit within a stated set of parameters. In the US case, it's 1"-1 3/8" from chin to top of the head. In her estimation, that included the hair, regardless of whether or not the hair came straight off a Parisian Fashion Runway, or the set of Hunger Games.

Now, imagine if you will, Marge Simpson coming in for a passport photo. If I applied the Post Office clerk's understanding of the rules to Marge's passport photo, her face would only be about 1/4" big, not nearly enough to discern what she looks like, and her eye height would not meet the required position in the photo.

I dunno, but after going down to the Post Office and having a personal conversation with the postal clerk who rejected the image, I'm of the belief that she is going to CAUSE more rejections from up the chain of command at the actual Passport Office, because if Marge Simpson submits the image on the right, it'll get kicked back faster than Homer can eat a bacon doughnut.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Tampa's Best Passport Photographer

You need it done and you want it done right. A lot of places will advertise that they can do passport photos, but they have no more business offering photography services than I do overnight shipping or tubes of toothpaste.

If you're a citizen of a foreign country and your passport photo for your home country is measured in millimeters, then you MUST contact NEWSOME'S STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY at 813-968-2810. At least, that is, you MUST if you want it done correctly the first time!

Newsome's has been offering foreign and international passport photos, customized to your specific country's specifications... if you need a 33x48mm Chinese Visa... a 35x45mm UK Passport... a 50x70mm Canadian Passport... or a 40x60mm Greek Passport... or hey, a 51x51mm US Passport photo... call Central Florida's expert in passport sized photos!

Located at 10012 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 219, Tampa, FL (Greater Carrollwood area), in Cypress Point Office Park - behind Starbucks at the corner of Linebaugh and Dale Mabry Hwy, on block north of Busch Blvd.

Ten minutes to success... 813-968-2810.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Canadian Passport Photos are the BEST

Tampa's Canadian citizens really do have options when it comes to updating their Canadian passport photo.

  • they can go to Canada to have it made (not very economical); 
  • they can go to a drug store (they'll tell you they do them, but they don't really know the specs and will very likely just give you a US passport photo which will be rejected); 
  • they can go to a package shipping company (who will try, bless their hearts, but have no more business offering photos than I do of offering overnight shipping);
  • or they can come to Newsome's Studio of Photography (and be guaranteed to get a high quality, perfectly exposed Canadian passport photo, that will match the Canadian passport specifications to the millimeter).
So consider your options, and employ a little common sense (something our neighbors to the north are famous for), and call us at 813-968-2810 to schedule your ten minute appointment to update your Canadian passport photo. Serving all of Tampa, St Pete, and indeed - the entire Central Florida population for all foreign and International passport, visa, citizenship, permanent residency, and ID photos for the entire planet.

Located at 10012 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 219, Tampa, FL 33618

Friday, October 27, 2017

International Passport Photographer Tampa

Hey, you're an International traveler, how awesome is that? If you're a US citizen, you'll need an updated US passport (one that won't expire within the next six months). And if you're a citizen of a foreign country, or a US citizen who plans to be traveling to China or some other country where a special visa photo is required, you're going to likely need a visa photo measured in millimeters.

That's where Newsome's Studio of Photography comes in. We are experts at producing customized passport and visa photos for all countries, regardless of size or specs. We've darn near seen it all, and we've got a great track record for making bureaucrats around the globe very happy.

Whether you need a 33x48mm Chinese Visa photo; a 35x45mm Australian passport photo, or a 50x70mm Canadian passport photo, we can take care of you in less than ten minutes. Just give us a call at 813-968-2810 and schedule yourself a ten minute appointment and get it right the first time!

Friday, October 6, 2017

DV Lottery Photo Photographer

It's that time again! November 17, 2017 is the deadline to submit your application for the Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery (aka DV Lottery).

You're going to need a passport size image that conforms to the size requirements similar to the US Passport, however, it isn't printed, it's submitted digitally, online only.

Essentially, that means you'll need to come to a photography studio (drug stores don't supply digital passport photos), and get a 600 pixel x 600 pixel JPEG, with your head sized properly for to their required specifications.

For your custom DV Lottery photo, all Tampa and St Pete area residents should call Newsome's Studio of Photography, located in Carrollwood (North Tampa) at 10012 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 219, Tampa (in Cypress Point Office Park, behind Starbucks at the corner of Linebaugh and N. Dale Mabry Hwy).

Call for an appointment, 813-968-2810.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

US Passport Photographs

You might not know it, but the specs for a US Passport Photo have changed dramatically in recent years. Even I hadn't noticed it, but recently, I came in possession of all my mother's old passports. The style of the passport itself hasn't changed much, but the photo in it has.

Her oldest one was from the 1960's when she and my dad took a trip to Paris. Her passport photo was black and white (naturally), but it wasn't a close up, square to the camera, no glasses, and no smile. In fact, it was taken at an angle, sitting in a chair, 3/4 length (to her waist), and smiling like she'd just won a game of Monopoly!

As the years went by (every 10) her photos slowly began to conform to what we're all used to seeing today; they were slowly getting closer to the camera, more square to the lens, in color, but still smiling (smiling is something that is not allowed in foreign passport photos, and the US is starting to "frown upon" as well).

Nowadays, people practically look like they'd look if they'd just gotten off a nine hour plane ride full of screaming children, eaten nothing but peanuts, had no sleep in the last 24 hours, and were ready to kick a puppy! I suppose the custom agents just want us to look like we're going to look when we reach the customs desk, ya think?

US passport photos don't HAVE to look horrible, but evidently the border patrol WANTS them to.

Make the best of it and call Newsome's Studio at 813-968-2810. We'll help you look your "passport best!"

Friday, August 11, 2017

Greek Passport Photographer, Tampa

Fortunately for our Greek friends who live in the Tampa, St Pete area, the Greek Consulate is located in downtown Tampa at 400 N Tampa St, Tampa, FL 33602. This is important because in order for a Greek citizen to renew their Greek passport, they must appear in person at the Consulate.

And again, fortunately for them, Newsome's Studio of Photography in Tampa is on the Greek Consulate's "preferred photographer" list for providing the 40x60mm Greek passport photo they're required to have.

What that means is, Greek citizens from all over the state of Florida will make two appointments that day, one to visit Newsome's Studio to have their Greek passport photo made, then another, just 30-60 minutes later at the Greek Consulate to renew their passport (it's only 20-30 minutes from the studio, depending on traffic/time of day).

Located in Carrollwood's Cypress Point Office Park, at 10012 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 219, Tampa (behind Starbucks at the corner of Linebaugh Ave and N. Dale Mabry Hwy), Newsome's can provide your 40x60mm images in about 10 minutes.

We work by appointment only, so call 813-968-2810 and try to schedule it an hour prior to your appointment at the Consulate.