Wednesday, June 29, 2016

International Foreign Passport Photos, Tampa

If you're in need of International Foreign Passport Photos in the Tampa, St Pete area, your choices on where to go are limited. Your local drug store isn't going to do it. Oh, they might TRY, bless their hearts, but to get it right will often require an experienced studio photographer who can customize your image to your country's specific needs.

A Canadian passport photo is 50x70mm. A British or UK passport photo is 35x45mm. A Greek passport photo is 40x60mm. A passport photo for India is 35x35mm. And for each of these outter dimension sizes, the head size is different as well.

When it's time to update your foreign passport photo in Tampa, call the experts, Newsome's Studio of Photography in Carrollwood (North Tampa), located at 10012 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 219, Tampa, FL 33618. 

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Proper Size for Foreign Passport Photos - Tampa

A Passport Photo has certain quality requirements, set forth by the various governments around the world. Contrary to popular belief in the states, the entire planet does not use the Imperial Measurement System (miles, yards, feet, inches). In fact, the only countries still using that system are the US, Burma, and Liberia. The rest of the planet is on the Metric System (kilometers, meters, centimeters, millimeters). Thus, when a foreign government sets it specs for that country's passport photos, it's measured in millimeters, not inches.

A common size for many European Passport Photos is 35x45mm. The Canadian passport photo is 50x70mm. The passport photo for India is 35x35mm and for a Greek passport photo, it's 40x60mm. These are not sizes that can accommodated by the local drug store or post office. All that most of them are capable of doing is 2x2 INCHES.

If you're a citizen of a foreign country and living in the US, you'll need to go to a professional photography studio who specializes in passport photos that can be custom sized in millimeters.

Newsome's Studio of Photography in North Tampa (Carrollwood), located at 10012 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 219, Tampa, FL 33618 (in Cypress Point Office Park, behind Starbucks, at the corner of Linebaugh and Dale Mabry Hwy) can provide you with the exact size specified by your country's passport office.

By appointment only... 813-968-2810.

Friday, June 10, 2016

50x70mm Canada Passport Photos Tampa

Our good neighbors to the north, Canada, requires the largest passport photos on the planet - a reflection of the size of their heart, I'd like to think.

While a US Passport photo is 2x2 inches (51x51mm), the Canadian Passport photo is approximately 2x2.75 inches (50x70mm to be precise). This cannot be acquired at the drug store, you must go to a professional photographer.

The Canadian Consulate has been referring its Canadian citizens living in Florida to Newsome's Studio of Photography to obtain the proper sized passport photos for years.

Located in North Tampa (Carrollwood) at 10012 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 219 in Cypress Point Office Park (behind Starbucks at the corner of Linebaugh Ave and N. Dale Mabry Hwy).

Call for an appointment and you'll walk out with your finished images in ten minutes! 813-968-2810

Canadian Passport Photographer Tampa

Thursday, June 9, 2016

How NOT to Take Your Own Passport Photos

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Don't be "that guy."

"That Guy" read a tutorial online instructing him on how to take his own passport photo. Now, while passport photography isn't dentistry, it does have a few rules and guidelines that, if not met, will cause a delay or total rejection of your passport documents.

The tutorial says "find a light colored wall as your background." XXXX (buzzing sound)

The US Passport requires a white wall. Any colors (yes, even a nice soft pastel) will cause a rejection stamp to be employed.

The tutorial says "any camera will do, even a cell phone." XXXX (buzzing sound)

The tutorial says "stand near a window." XXXX (buzzing sound)

The US Passport Office will reject images that are out of focus, bad lighting (overhead lighting causes "raccoon eyes" and window lighting will cause unwanted shadows).

The tutorial says "use your camera's pop up flash if it has one." XXXX (buzzing sound)

That pop up flash will likely cause "red eye" because that's what pop up flashes do. It will DEFINITELY cause "mullet hair" which is a shadow on the wall, just behind the head that makes you appear to be sporting a mullet.

If you're a die hard DIY'er who is hell bent on saving yourself a few bucks, go ahead and give it a shot. All you have to lose is time, and if time is on your side, go for it.

But if you value your time and you'd really like your passport photo to be sharp, well lit, properly adjusted for color, and NOT delay your passport - you know, something you might even be PROUD of, then give us call and in ten minutes you'll have just that!

Newsome's Studio is located at 10012 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 219 in North Tampa (Carrollwood). 813-968-2810

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Dutch (Netherlands) Passport Photographer, Tampa

The Dutch Passport for the Netherlands states an outer dimension of 35x45mm, pretty much the standard size for a lot of European passport photos. The head size is between 26-30mm, slightly smaller than most, but not too far off. The Netherlands Passport Photo requirements also state that the eyes must be between 22-32mm from the bottom of the photo.

Specs like these cannot be met by anyone other than a professional photographer who can customize the size precisely at the point of photography. Drug stores? No. AAA? Nope. The Post Office? Forget about it.

Newsome's Studio of Photography, located in North Tampa (Carrollwood) at 10012 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 219 (Cypress Point Office Park at the corner of Linebaugh and Dale Mabry Hwy behind Starbucks) is the answer.

Call for an appointment 813-968-2810 and in less than 10 minutes, you'll leave with the correct sized images - in hand!

Dutch Netherlands Passport Photographer, Tampa

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

British Passport Photographs, Tampa

I never really know which is proper (note, I pronounced "proper" with a British accent, as in "propa"). Is it a UK passport, or a British Passport? Or for that matter, an English Passport? No matter, they're all the same size, 35x45mm with a head size of between 29-34mm, and all on a light gray background. Of course, in England, the PROPA spelling is "GREY," while here in the colonies, it's "GRAY," but that's a horse of a different color, I suppose.

So, where does one go for a passport that's measured in millimeters? You can't go to the drug store, they only know "inches" and that'll never do. You go to Newsome's Studio of Photography, that's where!

Located at 10012 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 219, Tampa. In Cypress Point Office Park, behind Starbucks at the corner of Linebaugh and Dale Mabry Hwy in Carrollwood, just north of Busch Blvd.

Ten minutes and you're on your way, with a PROPA pair of British Passport photos, "Practically perfect in every way" as Mary Poppins would say!

British Passport Photographer, Tampa, Newsome's Studio of Photography