Friday, April 3, 2015


I photographed a British citizen for her UK Passport this morning. As is the case with all foreign passport photos, you're not allowed to smile.

I once had a Canadian passport photo rejected because they said the woman was smiling in her photos. She wasn't, but when she gave her "relaxed, neutral expression" as required in the Canadian instructions, she had a very pronounced dimple! It wasn't her fault - she just looked like BETTY WHITE! Betty White ALWAYS looks like she's smiling, even when she's MAD. Well so did this poor woman. We reshot it, and with a bit of creative lighting techniques, I was able to fill that dimple with light and she passed. Whew!

Okay, back to this morning's Brit. She knew she wasn't allowed to smile, so just like me when I'm in church, or at a funeral, or at the Sunday dinner table when I was a kid, she couldn't help but to start smiling. Well, that turned into a stifled chuckle, which turned into a laugh. And once it started, she just couldn't stop. It took about ten minutes for her to get over the giggles so I could get the needed shot. We did it. She did it. It wasn't easy, but it's done. Now she looks like, in her words... "a proper criminal."

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