Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Passport Photos, Tampa

We're curious as to how you found this page. We always ask new clients how they found us, and many say "Google," particularly those needing passport photos. But to take it one step further... what search words led you here? Was it simply "passport photos, Tampa" or were you more specific, such as "Canadian passport photos, Tampa?"

Because Newsome's Studio provides passport style photos for all foreign countries, and because most drug stores can only provide US passport photos, we receive quite a few from all over the globe. In the last year, we've provided passport, immigration, and visa photos for Canada, Britain, Nigeria, Poland, India, Columbia, Jamaica, China, France, Dutch, Germany, Australia, Estonia, Russia, Hungarian, Peru, Czech, Switzerland, Turkey, Trinidad, Greek, Japanese, Anguilla, New Zealand, Nepal, Mexican, Ireland, and many more.

Leave a comment and let us know what search words you used to find us! And count on Newsome's Studio to create YOUR passport photo, regardless of what country's specs you need to conform to.