Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Will the US Ever Accept the Metric System?

When it comes to stubbornness, the good ol' USA has GOT to lead the pack. Nearly the entire planet uses the Metric System as their standard tool of measurement. The only countries still clinging to the Imperial Measurement System are the US, Burma, and Liberia!


The Metric System is easier! One of these two Presidents attempted to force the US to change, Ford or Carter, I don't remember which, and it failed miserably. The closest thing we got to it was a two liter bottle of COKE! Of course, our medicines are all measured in grams and milligrams, but as consumers, we have no idea what the heck that really means.

Now, what does any of this have to do with ME? Well, as a professional photography studio that offers passport photos, we're called on regularly to create passport photos for citizens of foreign countries that live here in the US. Their country's specs for passport photos are measured in millimeters, not inches, therefore, the drugstores and auto clubs cannot accommodate them. Those folks haven't got the time nor inclination to learn the specs on some 200 countries around the planet, they can barely get a 2x2" US passport correct, much less a 33x48mm CHINESE VISA photo!

So that leaves our foreign citizen friends with little to no choice on where to go... ALMOST! Because Newsome's Studio of Photography has been providing foreign and International passport services for over 30 years, we've perfected the process. Don't waste another second calling someone who stammers just trying to SAY the word "millimeters." Call Newsome's now!

All work guaranteed, and by appointment only. 813-968-2810

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