Wednesday, May 24, 2017

In a World, Where Professional Passport Photographers Rule...

If I were King of the World...

  • All drug stores would stick to selling hairspray and toothpaste. and forget trying to sell passport photos.
  • All auto clubs would stick to selling car and travel insurance, and forget trying to take passport photos.
  • All on-line websites that claim to be able to convert your poorly lit, out of focus, cell phone selfie into a passable passport photo for any country, would just go away - maybe just become telephone solicitors, because they're just as annoying.
When it comes to passport photos, they're rarely described as "art," however, there IS an art to nailing the proper specifications for creating an Australian passport photo that the Australian government will accept. Same with the Canadians. There's a bureaucracy in place that is guaranteed to confound most citizens into supplying the wrong photos for their foreign passport nearly every time. That's because foreign passport photos are not measured in inches (the common measurement of US passport images supplied by drug stores and auto clubs), they're measured in millimeters (the prevailing standard of measurement everywhere on the planet except the US). 

So, when it comes to obtaining a properly sized passport photo for anywhere - INCLUDING the US, you'd be best served contacting a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER, not a dime store clerk or a travel agent!

Newsome's Studio of Photography - by appointment only - 813-968-2810.

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