Monday, August 15, 2016

US Immigration and Visa Photos

Tampa Visa Photographer

Newsome's Studio provides photo services to create Visa, Immigration, Citizenship, Green Card, and Passport photos for any country. The US standard is 2x2 inches, but most all other countries are measured in millimeters, and come in all sizes and colors. If we don't have the specs on your particular photos, we'll get them (sometimes it helps if you bring your paperwork with you, just to be sure we know what you need). Either way, there is no size or requirement we can't do.

And the best part is, we do these while you wait. It only takes a few minutes - usually less than ten - to create a set of images for any of your passport style photos.

We do work by appointment, so PLEASE call us before coming down. We do a lot of work outside the studio, so we can only promise to be here for you if you have an appointment. 

See you soon! 813-968-2810

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