Friday, August 19, 2016

An Honest to Goodness "Thank you"

I'm pleased to say that here at Newsome's Studio, we receive the occasional thank you note for work we've done. It's always gratifying to know that we deliver a quality product that our clients are thrilled with.

Recently, I photographed Carol for her Jamaican Passport. It was sized and cut to their stated specs, but oddly, although their stated specs called for a vertical image (35x45mm) with a head size of between 25-35mm from the chin to the top of the head, the sample photo that the Jamaican consulate provided Carol, showed a 2x2 inch image. I followed the vertical route and was confident it would pass. It didn't. They requested to be able to see more of her shoulders, meaning her head size would need to be smaller than the 25mm minimum. It was a catch 22.

She called me, very distressed, because she knew we'd provided them with exactly what they'd asked for, but didn't know what to do. I immediately resized the images so her shoulders were more evident, putting her head size slightly below 25mm. I mailed the images to her the same day, at no charge to her whatsoever (we guarantee our work here).

It passed.

She was extremely happy, and shocked that I wasn't going to charge her anything extra - not even postage! So much so, she hand-wrote me a Thank You note! I LOVE Thank You notes!

So Thank YOU, Carol, for your lovely note of thanks, and I look forward to assisting you and your family members with any of their photographic needs in the future!

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