Monday, March 23, 2020

Until the Boogie Man Passes...

So, there's this thing, maybe you've heard of it? Some sort of deadly pathogen? Apparently, it has the power to shut down every aspect of humanity, yet simultaneously, spotlight the best of humanity.

Following the advice and directives of the medical profession and all governmental agencies-local, state, and federal-I'm exercising the power vested in me as "King of all things Passport Photo-ish" and hereby declare a halt to all photography services regarding passports, foreign and domestic, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

What that means is, I'm a "non-essential" business and until this cloud of uncertainty has passed and commerce in the United States-Florida in particular-has been given the green light to proceed with "business as usual," Newsome's Studio will remain closed.

Let's face it... I'm older than The Ten Commandments.... (the movie dammit, not the actual tablets), and this pathogen has a curious love for people within my age demographic, so my boney old ass is stayin' put until this mess is over.

I wish you all well and please, remain responsible!

Best Regards,
Kevin Newsome
Newsome's Studio of Photography, Inc.

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