Friday, January 11, 2013

NO SMILING in Foreign Passport Photos


At first, I thought it was odd that smiling was not allowed in foreign passport images (it is still allowed in US passport images). Then I heard that many foreign governments are using facial recognition software to catch the bad guys, and they will often scan your passport photo to put it in their system. A smile distorts the face and inhibits the software's ability to find the correct match.

Now the question becomes... if the rest of the world is utilizing this method of making us safer, why isn't the US government doing the same thing? Obviously, there are people waaay smarter than me that might have an acceptable answer to that question, I just haven't met them yet (maybe someone can answer it here for me).

One way or the other, for all my Canadian and European friends needing passport photos, citizenship photos, immigration photos, or DV Lottery photos... NO SMILING!

Bring your unhappy face to Newsome's Studio of Photography in Cypress Point Office Park in Carrollwood (Tampa) and we'll promise not to make you laugh!

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